Pleasant Surprise


This white tailed deer was photographed on a recent trip to visit family in the midwest. Living in the mountain west for so long I can say for certain I don’t miss the humidity and all the bugs. It sure was fun was running across this deer happily feeding away and hardly giving us a second look as we hiked through the woods. I had forgotten how small white-tailed deer can be.

34 thoughts on “Pleasant Surprise

    1. William, thanks for the thoughtful feedback. I can relate to your feedback. For me there was an intensity within the forest dark with light shining in and a calmness of the deer as one with the environment. Hope your week is off to a great start.


  1. swedenole13

    Fantastic shot! You almost feel you are there in the photo with this little mama! I wonder if she had a baby nearby? Beautiful creatures and I love these kinds of “shots” of them!

      1. No, I’m back from Europe and went to Montreal for the annual jazz festival. Awesome shows. Now planning end of summer/beginning fall trip to the Southwest. Later

    1. Hi Eliza, yes this whitetail was fairly small and easily moving through all the dense vegetation and really sticking out their neck to get the most tasty new greens from specific plants.

  2. A couple of weeks ago a doe walked through our back yard followed by a very small fawn with white spots all over it. It was lanky and clumsy but so cute.

      1. This crossed our path as we waited in line to enter the Yellowstone’s north entrance. Momma elk took her time to let the calf wobble along and keep up.

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