13 thoughts on “Hunting Heron

  1. Very nice shot.

    Have you been to Sinks Canyon St Pk near Lander? The river in the canyon disappears into a cavern to re-emerge, or rise, 2000 ft down the canyon. Tracer dyes show it takes about 2 hours to make that trip underground. The trout swimming upstream reach the rise and can’t go farther. Here is a short panorama I shot of the canyon and the rise portion. https://youtu.be/D2CsmCcnDTo

    1. Hi Jim, IHave never been there. It sounds like a place I will need to check out. We may be in the Lander area latter this summer. Your video shows the water reemerging. Is it just flowing out of the rocks like a natural spring?

      1. Yes it is very vigorously. Right now the river is flowing fast. Not all of it can sink into the cavern. Some overflow continues down to the rise area. When the melt and rains dry up, the flow will slow and have no overflow on the surface.

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