Blue Jay Day

Today just feels like a Blue Jay day.

On our morning walks we have been hearing these guys noisily calling to each other in the woods for several week. This day we got the pleasure of meeting one our local Jays as he landed right in front of us as we walked down the path through our small woodland area.

A Blue Jay day is a fine way to start the week indeed.

Along Clear Creek in Denver, CO

20 thoughts on “Blue Jay Day

    1. Thanks, yes this guy is different from those in Europe and the UK however both are very fine looking birds to say the least. Do the jays in the UK make as much noise and variety of noises as these guys do. They are always calling to family members to stay in touch.

  1. Jays are one of my favorite. Nicely captured Mike. Here in East TX they are all over the place. They squawk very loudly when there is a predator around, warning the other wildlife. In the eleven years we have lived here and set out seed for them, they have warned my husband many times when a snake was on the property. They let the squirrels know when there is a cat or a fox around as well. They also chase hawks away. They are an amazing bird, it’s good to pay attention to them.

    1. Yes Jays are amazing birds and very vocal. We love hearing them calling to each other in the forests giving their location on other information to their family. It is wonderful that you have noticed them calling warnings to other animals as well. We notice that with birds quite often. There is a global language spoken and them each species seems to have their own specific language as well. If only we as humans did pay attention and were not most often the ones the birds were warning each other about.

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