Mosquito Netting

While out on a hike we ran across a couple of trees in which a spider had put up between 3-7 of these wonderful mosquito nets and each was loaded with bugs. We never were able to see the owner of these webs but it sure looks like they will be eating well for the rest of the summer. Any yes, the mosquitos were bad out there that day.

14 thoughts on “Mosquito Netting

  1. djandess

    We need some of those around here! I love calm days in Alaska during the winter, but hate em in the summer. The bugs are like something out of a horror movie some days.

    1. Hi, I have heard the mosquitos are as big as hummingbirds and thick as molasses on a clam summer evening gin Alaska. If I find the guy who made these I will ship him your way. Have a fine and bite-less day.

  2. I should think he’s going to throw a party with that much food! And the mosquitoes must have been in the wrong place when the wind picked up!

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