10 thoughts on “Leaf Beetle

  1. Great shots, Mike, but ummm, not the dogbane beetle, but the invasive Japanese beetle. White tufted sides and club antennae of J, vs. smooth sides and segmented antennae on the D. They always say to know your enemy, and JB is a scourge in my garden. 😉


    1. Hi Eliza and thanks for correcting me on this one. I need to look closer at the details before posting insects or develop a better way of identification beyond searching for beetles on Professor Google.

      It great to have people out there to learn from so thanks again.


    1. Hi and thanks, Macro albeit frustrating, is so much fun. It is like using a microscope to see things you just can not see with the naked eye and then getting to study it over and over in the photo.


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