Summer Sunset on the Pond


Yesterday I could feel it happening. The sunset is getting earlier, the algae is in full bloom and the nights have cooled down just a few degrees. Summer is still hanging on and we may even get a few sweltering days but I can feel fall just around the corner. Zeroimage pinhole camera and Kodak Film.

17 thoughts on “Summer Sunset on the Pond

  1. Reblogged this on View Pacific and commented:
    Where I live, the seasons don’t change dramatically. The change is subtle and slow.
    That’s helped me to attune to other changes, such as the seasons of my life. Those are measured in decades, not moons or earth-wobbles.
    It can somehow be easier to accept the annual onslaught of leaf blowers than to let go of the spring in my steps.

    1. Thanks, How large is the temperature swing between the seasons in your location in Brazil? A little warmth is always good but then again we need the cold to appreciate the warmth. Hope you have a good day and a lovely spring.

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