16 thoughts on “Dibs

    1. Hi Camie, it was nice to have so many of these butterflies hanging around our area this summer and taking the time to observe their behavior. It was neat to watch them jostle around for flowers. Hope you have a great weekend.

    1. HI Adam and thanks, we did enjoy having the butterflies around this summer and getting to spend a bit more time observing their behavior. Hope your day is going well and wishing you a wonderful weekend.

      1. Thanks, Mike – our weekend wasn’t too bad, but like many places out west, getting lots of smoke from the wildfires. Need some heavy, heavy rain…
        Hope your week is off to a good start.

        1. HI, yes it seems that winter, rain or snow can come none to soon to the west this year. Although we have not had many fires in Colorado last week Denver was filled with smoke from the fires in Montana and the rest of the west.

    1. Hi, they are handsome butterflies to say the least and it was nice to see them in numbers this summer. They have all moved on now that fall is marching on and the coneflowers have run out out of nectar. Hope we get them next summer. Have a fine weekend.

    1. HI and thanks. It was nice to see so many of these butterflies hanging around this summer and to learn a little more about them as well. Hope your day is sign well and have a great weekend.

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