Feeding the family

Earlier this summer we got lucky and happened to walk under a nice old cottonwood tree and heard the unmistakable sound of little newborn birds chirping away for food. The nest in the tree belong to a family of Bullocks Orioles and like all oriole nest was well hidden in the leaves of the tree. It was amazing how rapidly the parents would fly into the tree, deliver the meals, and then fly back out making it somewhat difficult to get a photo or two.

Both parents we equally active in delivering meals to the kids. Above the male delivers some freshly caught bugs.

within minutes of the males departing Mom flew in and delivered another meal for to the growing chicks.

If this meal is any indiction of what the kids were eating I think the youngsters were well fed that day.

The youngsters have fledged and the nest is long empty now as another summer has come and gone.

Summer 2017 Denver, CO.

11 thoughts on “Feeding the family

    1. HI Jet and thanks. It is always amazing to see oriole nest and wonder how that pouch hanging from a tree both gets made when you only have a beak and how it is able to hold and support several young orioles.

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