34 thoughts on “Moose should have told you.

  1. WOW … what an image. Photography can activate a memory, as this one does. The first moose (a bull) I ever saw was in the Grand Tetons (1994), going through Death Canyon on the way up to Static Peak. It scared me to the point that I froze (I don’t know how long … less than a minute). Then slowly I turned around and hiked back around the bend. I didn’t have a camera. The neck was huge, the rack was alarmingly wide. I really appreciate this picture. The bull moose was down in the lush green foliage, quite similar to this, but with nothing hanging from the rack.
    Thanks, by the way, for visiting Wilder Man on Rolling Creek. Peace, T

    1. Thanks for the nice story. It is very similar to my first bull moose encounter. My wife and I we hiking up cascade canyon in GTNP and encountered several large males near the trail that day. We were able to slowly pass each one but only had a small camera with us and got no great photos. After that we have only encountered female moose for many years until the time this photo was taken.

      Have a great weekend.


        1. I spent many an early morning watching before I got shuffled off to school. Would be nice to see it again and given the current political situation with Russia would be quite timely.

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