19 thoughts on “Only time will tell.

    1. Hi and thanks for the feedback. This moment in time sure has a feel to it which seems to be saying we are racing full speed ahead towards the edge of a cliff as a species. Will we hit the brakes in time?

    1. Hi Steve, yes there is quite a likeness to the great sand dunes here in Colorado. The geological specifics of this area in Montana are something I need to research as the hills did look so much like dunes with the weather moving through. Hope your day is going well.

        1. Hi, are the bears and eagles also filling up along the rivers in which the salmon run? Should make for an exciting few weeks. Have you perfected your floating go-pro camera to film the salmon in the water. I remember seeing a short clip you posted a year or two back.

          1. The Bears,Eagles,Wolves……..the whole neighbourhood actually is checking in on the salmon daily! I have gotten my “drift” rig all figured out & will be getting more footage.
            This is the time of the year you should visit.(mid-October)

          2. HI and it sounds like it will be a great time for photography and wildlife watching and I can’t wait to see some footage from the drift cam in action.

            Thanks for the tip on visiting in October I bet the summer crowds have thinned out and it is much quieter as well.

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