So far from home

So close yet so fat from home a Sand Dollar washed up on the beach as the tide goes down. I can empathize with this guy as the west becomes more developed and the human heard marches across that landscape. Home feels so close yet so far away.

18 thoughts on “So far from home

      1. Graham

        Thank you. They are really pretty. I suppose I could’ve looked that up myself…but in the spirit of conversation, engagement and all! πŸ™‚πŸ‘πŸ»

          1. Graham

            Now there’s an idea…if it doesn’t exist then I can see a new line of Bizeau’s Beet Stout coming soon to a pub near you…😊

    1. Hi and we were on a beach that was filled with intact sea dollars like this one. I have never seen so many intact on a single beach. Hope these was not a mass kill off of them off shore.

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