Tour Guide


One of Yellowstone National Parks wonderful tour guides pointing out Floating Island Lake in the morning light. A little past due but November 1st was National Bison Day. We sure are lucky to still have these guys walking around free in a few spots on the globe.

21 thoughts on “Tour Guide

    1. I bet this Bison could use a rest after the record setting tourist season Yellowstone has just seen. Now they get some time off before the winter tourists arrive.

      Have a wonderful weekend.

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl

    Great photo!
    Sadly, the bison have a disease that effects cattle and many will be destroyed so they won’t infect cattle. Montana doesn’t want them to migrate out of Yellowstone and will be thinning the herds this winter. Over 1,000 will be culled. So sad!

    1. Yes, we have read about this and it is sad. It is a tough balancing job for us humans to act as managers of ecosystems and balance competing desires. Someday we might bet better at it but I think that will take some time. Hope your day is going well and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Also, thanks for the feedback and thoughts we appreciate your insight.

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