12 thoughts on “Before November

    1. Hi Jim, no the time of darkness is really not a bother however the transition to it always feels abrupt with that switch off daylight savings time. Perhaps it is that transition that makes November always feel a bit odd to me. The rock is sandstone in those cliffs.

  1. I had to enlarge this before I realized the sheer scale of it. The landscape of the west has so many textbook examples of geologic forms. And the colors! What an array. And yes, now we’ll have to enjoy some starkness and muted colors for a few months. Last week I reviewed pictures from the summer.

  2. Sarah

    I agree with Eliza as a New Englander the scale is not something I am used to. Dark too soon, yes. I personally hate it standard time. Being dark at four o’clock is just not right.

    1. Hi Sarah, for me space is something very important and almost a primal need. In a way winter is winter and the darkness all part of the story that change from daylight savings to standard just throws off the natural rhythm of change for me. On the bright side that darkness allows plenty of time for crafts or introspection.

      1. Ah, too bad we didn’t know about it earlier this year when we drove south on I-25 from Wyoming to Denver. The map shows a Soapstone Prairie Natural Area adjacent to Red Mountain. You’re fortunate to have those places (and the Rocky Mountains) hands.

        1. Hi Steve, we do feel fortunate to have places and the open spaces close to us. As Denver grows it is unfortunelty getting harder to find those places not being trampled with us humans who value the recreation those places provide but seem less concerned with how wild those places remain. Hope your day is good and your hands are behaving. 🙂

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