Roadside attraction

Not having Mocking birds around us or having much experience with them we were blown away when while getting some gas on a recent trip we heard this guy singing away in the trees at a roadside oasis. He was imitating birds left and right and singing continuously for minutes at a time.

It was a great show to just sit and watch and a nice relaxing break from the road.

22 thoughts on “Roadside attraction

    1. HI Jim, we have the grey catbird here as well and the analogy of a jazz musician lurking about in the shrubbery is a good one. They tend to hang out in the marshy areas here and having them singing away while out on a walk is always a nice treat.

    1. HI,do they really sing all through the night? I have yet to be around birds that sing after dark and it must be quite a treat to have a songster like th mocking birds fill the evening with song.

      1. -N-

        Well, they probably don’t sing “all through the night” nonstop, but there have been many times I have heard them in the middle of the night. Sadly, it seems over the past few years there are fewer of them. To me, they always tell me spring is on the way. Given the weird weather we have, I think everything is getting thrown off normal patterns.

  1. Paul Randall

    They are plain in appearance, and commonly seen nearly everywhere, but once you get a load of their playlist… a toast to the Mockingbird!

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