Western Grebe


We usually do not see Grebes on the local pond during winter in our neck of the woods. However, last week, this Western Grebe was swimming in a small section of a local pond that remained unfrozen. Perhaps she if off course in migration and landed here to rest and refuel. Although it was a pleasure to see her, I hope she takes advantage of this weeks thaw to get back on track and is gone the next time I visit this pond.

25 thoughts on “Western Grebe

    1. Hi Jet, funny you mention popping under the water. I was all ready to get a shot of this gal with her feather all up on her head and she took a dip and the result is the somewhat slick look in the photo. Hope you are having a great day and have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

    1. Thanks, The Western Grebe is really one great looking Grebe in my opinion and we were lucky this guy was willing to pose for us that day. We have several other types of grebes we see each year but the Western takes the cake for good looks.

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