26 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

    1. Good morning and albeit a week past Thanksgiving I hope your holiday was wonderful. Thanks for keeping an eye on our blog and leaving us a bit a feedback. We are thankful for all the wonderful thoughts we receive each and every day.

    1. Hi Sarah and we hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. We really are thankful t have your comments and encouragement on the blog and give you thanks for leaving your thoughts here when the mood strikes. Happy Thanksgiving a week late.

    1. Thanks Adam and we are indeed thankful and appreciative of your feedback and thoughts left here. Having them is like getting thanksgiving every day. Not a bad thing. Have the best of days.

    1. Thanks Eliza, and a happy week after thanksgiving day to you. We hope yours was wonderful and we really appreciate your thoughtful feedback. It is like having Thanksgiving on a daily basis.

    1. Hi Celia and we really appreciate you kind words as it is like a Thanksgiving feast for us with the calories but all the flavor. We hope your Holiday was wonderful and wish all the best as the Holiday season marches on.

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