Small Fry


Talk about small…we spent some time watching these little Bush Tits feeding and it seemed like the whole time they were either moving or hiding behind leaves of this shrub. Each time one would hop into view they would be gone before I could fire the shutter. Finally this guy came out and sat still for a few seconds in the open and I was able to get a photograph. I am glad I did because the photo allowed me to really see what I was seeing in those trees. Mackerricher state park, CA.

22 thoughts on “Small Fry

  1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Wow, Mike. Can’t believe you actually caught a bush tit. We have them here and I love watching them, but they are so quick, and hide so well. Great shot.

    1. Hi Mary, It is funny as we really could not get a good look at this guy until we got the photo. He was darting around like you have noticed and staying hidden beneath leaves so even with binoculars we only got a short view. Happy Monday.

    1. Hi Tanja, yes the little birds are a challenge but on the bright side that is what makes photographing them and then getting to look at those photographs so much fun…especially when you get a keeper or two.

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