Forest Light: Winter


Winter light shining brightly onto the remains of a once mighty redwood. I am fascinated by the light that is able to creep into the forest and how it changes with the seasons. This light in the dark always seems so difficult to capture and the photos never seem to evoke the feeling of being there. Perhaps some things are better left alone or maybe a fool that persists in his folly will someday take that magic photo.

28 thoughts on “Forest Light: Winter

  1. Several days ago I was in a redwood forest like this one. I’m convinced that no camera can capture their glory.
    There is so much more than the image and light in their presence.

    1. Hi Vincent, thanks for those toughest. The trees, light and everything else in the redwood forests do sum up to be an experience that can only be…well…experienced. Have a great day.

  2. This is gorgeous. I live near a place called the Walk of the Ancients where you walk among the remains of huge tingle trees. There is something ethereal about old wood forests that seems to speak to our souls.

    1. Thanks and I agree that walking through the old growth forest is a very special experience and those old trees do have quite a tale to tell to those willing to listen. Hope yo are having a great day.

  3. I think it’s a great shot, Mike, but I understand what you mean. I done some walks in rainforests that have changing light conditions. I love the way the colours and textures seem to change as light filters through the canopy. Different parts are highlighted as shards of light hit them. When you go at different times of day it almost seems like a different place. I find it hard to capture the magic of the setting. You do it much better than me. 🙂

  4. It’s a beautiful photograph! I know that feeling of trying to capture just the right light or color and it’s as though it runs away from you. While we all see an amazing moment you are thinking of what else you saw. It really is stunning. 😊

    1. HI Ellie and I like you perspective here in that the photographer can create a wonderful image that others will enjoy yet always knows there is just a bit more. That knowing there is just a bit more for the photographer is perhaps the muse that will keep them going. thanks for the insight and may your muse visit often in 2018.

  5. celia

    I hope this ‘fool’ persists. Your photos often speak to me of the deep mystery of life, held in each tiny form and reflected in the beauty your camera (and your eyes) reveal. For me, mystery is even better than magic. Thanks and happy new year.

    1. Hi Celia and yes…this fool will permit. I feel the same way and maybe it is semantics by mysteries inspire awe and wonder and nature is a mystery while in a sense magic is a trick and nobody likes to be tricked. Wishing you a very happy and wonderful new year.

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