Winter Sounds-2


Within the stillness of the fresh new snow is the sound of the trees reflecting on water not yet frozen by mid-winters chill. Along the Moose-Wilson road in Grand Teton National Park.

32 thoughts on “Winter Sounds-2

  1. We are thinking the same thing this morning: winter sounds. Mine, however, is from a comfy 40 degrees on my back porch and no snow. I wish we could trade places for a few days…

        1. Hi Shannon, quie a variety of bids you have a brazos bend. We only rarely get to see a blue winged teal although we have plenty of green winged and cinnamon teal around at times. Really looks like a fun place to spend some time and seeing a bittern would be fun.

  2. I love this peaceful, quiet winter scene. One of my favorite things about winter is the quietness and stillness. We recently had an ice storm in Tennessee and while not quiet, the sound the trees make as the gently sway is quite enchanting. Their ice-coated branches have a sound all its own. I can “hear” the winter quietness in your stunning photo too.

    1. Hi Paula and thanks for the very thought filled comment. That quiet after a winter snow is very special indeed. Ice storms are rare in Colorado but your description of ice coated branches swaying in the wind and the sound the might make has me wanting to experience the sound. Hope you weekend is going well.

  3. bful pic:) but I have a wish here for the winter series of pics , snow is always related to peace, silence , frozen, monotonic shades . I come from a tropical weather country and I love summers for they represent burst of colors, greenery , action, mayhem and all. I wish to see such elements ina winter pic also , so that it makes you feel like going out and have fun , makes it looks so colorful that it makes one decide to plan a vacation to a winter spot , not sure if it makes sense .

    1. Hi Deeksha, I understand you view and might just add the following. For most of those photos in which I post a somewhat quiet, peaceful view of winter I was also out enjoying that silence. I was out skiing in the backcountry and hiking in the snow so in essence and for me I was having fun in a way that I enjoy. I could post actions shots of myself or friends skiing on a sunny day, sledding on snowy slopes with clear blue skies and similar but I usually like quite places and winter does provide that quietness. Thus to each his own.
      Hope this makes sense as well and wishing you a wonderful day.


    1. Thanks and thanks for the feedback as we really appreciate it. Winter and a bit of clouds does seem to add a bit of a monochrome tone to images the are full of color as well. A bit of a monochrome mood to a colorful palette if you will.

    1. Thanks, and I agree that finding and being able to experience just a few minutes of scenes like this make being out in the cold well worth it and in fact seem to make the cold just melt away while you are out there. thanks again for the feedback as we really appreciate it.

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