A magnificent Blad Eagle taking a chance and playing with electricity.

Although power poles present a wonderful perch from which to hunt they also come with risks. Electrocution of raptors has increased as our construction of infrastructure has increased and with a little thought and consideration can be reduced.

Raptor interactions with power lines and power poles can be reduced and the following article suggestion way to do so might interest you.

6 thoughts on “Transformers

  1. Such magnificent creatures. I saw many monkeys while living in Costa Rica with missing or scarred limbs due to live wires and power supplies. They have installed separate poles with blue rope that run the same course for the animals to use. It seems to work well.

  2. Great photograph! I wonder if many utility companies implement the suggested solutions? They come at a cost, but most customers would be happy to pay a share if it meant fewer bird fatalities, I’m sure.

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