Cliff Swallow

A small Cliff Swallow looking just like the master predator she is takes a break from their tireless foraging on a small frond of grass.

Seeing a bird land easily on this small tuft of grass provided a reminder of just how small and light a cliff swallow must be. About an ounce.

17 thoughts on “Cliff Swallow

      1. Some species of songbirds double their weight before their launch across open water of the Caribbean. Can you imagine how many insects are required to do that? Wow, boggles the mind.

        1. I guess a calculation is in order
          If we just play around using mosquitos as food there are about 400 mosquitos per gram and a yellow warbler averages 16 grams. Thus to start we can estimate a warbler would have to eat at least 3200 mosquitos to do that. Given that they would not get 100% from the mosquito the number should be more like 5000-6000.

          Pretty good pest control and all natural.

          1. And it’s free, no-cost to us!
            Impressive numbers, thanks for this. Maybe if conservation organizations put it out there, esp. with the $$$ saved and gained, perhaps more would get on board to preserve these beneficial animals. We need to create at least 3 migratory bird ‘highways’ of protected land in order to assure their safe passage north/south. 90% loss since 1960 is inexcusable.

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