Yellow Rumped

Yellow Rumped

A female yellow rumped warbler enjoying the beginnings of this years deciduous forest. Once these trees completely leaf out getting photos of birds in the forest is another story altogether but for now I will enjoy the view while it lasts.

11 thoughts on “Yellow Rumped

  1. So glad you take these pictures. These beautiful little birds! BTW, those holes I thought were weasels were rats. Big rats. We put up a camera to find out. Ugh. They are at least not bothering the garden, but that’s because a nearby apartment building isn’t taking care of its garbage the way it should!

    1. Hi Eliza, I am always pleased to get a glimpse of the Yellow Rumps. I frequently hear the males singing from high up in the spruce and other pine trees but getting a peek at a 4 inch bird in an 80 ft tree is often a tall order.

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