Fritillary Friday

Is there a word you run across that no matter how many times you say it it just is a struggle to get past your brain and out your lips?

Well for me that word is Fritillary.

A beautiful species of butterflies, I confess,  but I sure would rather look at them than have to address one directly… Hello Mr. or Mrs. Fritillary….that would not go well.

With that in mind here are some photos of these beautiful butterflies (notice how I did not say Fritillary) that we encountered this past summer.

Happy Fritillary Friday and have a wonderful weekend.

15 thoughts on “Fritillary Friday

    1. Hi Ellen, may we inquire as to the nature of your discussion? I was surprised to discover the origin of the word was from Latin and pertained t the checkered pattern they have other wings. It is a unique word to pronounce to say the least. Thanks for the feedback and have a wonderful weekend.

      1. Hi Mike, and you may! None of us could remember the pronunciation, even after having looked it up for last year’s images. Did it start “frit” or “fril” or maybe it was “flirt” … That is interesting about the word origin having to do with the wing pattern; I think we were thinking more of its activity. Maybe now I will remember!

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