Western Grebe


We usually do not see Grebes on the local pond during winter in our neck of the woods. However, last week, this Western Grebe was swimming in a small section of a local pond that remained unfrozen. Perhaps she if off course in migration and landed here to rest and refuel. Although it was a pleasure to see her, I hope she takes advantage of this weeks thaw to get back on track and is gone the next time I visit this pond.

18 thoughts on “Western Grebe

  1. These are amazing looking birds. When I was in Northern Italy, I kept seeing these things I knew weren’t ducks or geese and when I got home I identified them as great crested grebes. They are no doubt cousins of this charming bird.

    1. Hi Tanja, sometimes I like reflections of water birds other times not so much. This time it worked to help accentuate that long-long neck of this grebe. Hope your week is going well.

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