Pinyon Jay

While getting ready to go for a hike a while ago we were pleased to have the company of numerous Pinyon Jays buzzing about in the parking area collecting seeds.

According to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology Pinyon Jays are highly social birds of the lower mountain slopes of the western United States, the Pinyon Jay is specialized for feeding on pine seeds. Each jay stores thousands of seeds each year, and has such a good memory that it can remember where most of them were hidden.

Now if only I could bottle that kind of memory and take a sip every morning I might never forget where I placed my keys.

Penitente Canyon, CO.

4 thoughts on “Pinyon Jay

  1. We normally see Blue Jays here in Minnesota, but I don’t see very many. A lot of people don’t like the Blue Jay because they are so mean to other birds and I think they are sort of a loner, not like the Pinyon who a social bird.


    1. Hi Stephen, we don’t have many Blue Jays were we live now but in the past we loved to see and hear them in the deciduous forests where we previously lived. Very smart and yes, an opportunist, that preys on other birds eggs. We have Stellars Jays now and they exhibit the same behavior as Blue Jays. We still enjoy seeing them.


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