That spot


You know that spot. The one you stop at and look at every time. Not the most spectacular or mind boggling landscape but the one that just makes you stop. I am sure we all have one or two or maybe three. They nourish and bring peace. They make the world have sense and meaning. You know that spot and it knows you.

Everywhere I go that spot seems to be in trouble. How can we help?

10 thoughts on “That spot

    1. HI Jim, yes it does seem we need to all speak up right now and not just to each other but to those who either choose to ignore or can’t see that we are loosing what we are when we destroy the land that sustains us.

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  1. No matter where we go, that nagging thought isn’t far behind. We must continue to vote with our $, supporting green business and politicians that will do something to protect our planet.


    1. HI Eliza, yes we need to support those people who choose to protect the planet and expose those that do not. I think we also need to inform those that either choose to ignore the problem that fouling our own nest is a crime we will all have to answer to one day.

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    1. Hi and thanks for the feedback as we really appreciate it. Glad you have one of these spots to anchor you to the planet. Somewhere between beauty and science I hope we find a way to protect these wonderful places.


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