Black-billed Magpie


Noisy yes, but oh so beautiful, especially in flight, a Black-billed Magpie sits quietly on a snowy afternoon. The magpies in our area are very skittish and difficult to sneak up on for a photograph. We see them all the time but even a quick look in their direction has them flying away.

“Historically associated with bison herds, it now lands on the back of cattle to clean ticks and insects from them. Large predators such as wolves are commonly followed by black-billed magpies, who scavenge from their kills. The species also walks on the ground, where it obtains such food items as beetles, grasshoppers, worms, and small rodents.”

Intelligent and pretty good looking and a fine way to brighten a cold snowy day.



10 thoughts on “Black-billed Magpie

  1. Kit Dunsmore

    I am a magpie fan. They remind me of flappers from the 1920s with their big wings and tails. Also, I love that while they look black and white most of the time, they have iridescent blue feathers as well.


    1. Hi Kit, that iridescence is a wonderful thing in Magpies. When the light is just right the brilliant blues and greens are amazing. We have always wanted to get a good photo of them in flight as their wings are beautiful but have yet to do so. We are in you camp as magpie fans.


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