Black Vulture


A beautiful Black Vulture presents their profile through a forest clearing. While not a local resident to the western United Staes Black Vultures have been slowly expanding their range and a now a common sight in the East and Southeaster US. Black Vultures are monogamous, staying with their mates for many years, and caring parents who feed thier young for up to 8 months.  In addition, vultures contribute a wonderful clean-up service to the ecosystems they inhabit. It was nice to get a close-up view of a bird we usually see soaring on the thermal high above our heads.


6 thoughts on “Black Vulture

  1. -N-

    Vultures are often not cherished for their niche in the world, nor appreciated for their beauty. My husband photographed one in the company parking lot in California, cleaning up a bit of road kill. Bright red head, a bit nervous, and fascinating to watch. I enjoy seeing your world of creatures and places every morning when I read.


  2. Someone in the blogosphere I follow took a picture of the wings on one of these a year or so ago and the pattern was so beautiful. They are love to see soaring and not something we think of as beautiful very often, but they are valuable and indeed lovely.


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