Yellow Rumped (Myrtle) Warbler

A male Yellow Rumped Warbler of the Myrtle variety give us both a right and left profile as we followed him through the woods as he passed through our area on his spring migration. These little guys only hang around for a few weeks so it was nice albeit frustrating at times to get a little looks as these every busy and moving little birds.

4 thoughts on “Yellow Rumped (Myrtle) Warbler

  1. ….here in interior British Columbia, they come only when our red maple bursts into its clusters of wee yellow flowers, just before the leaf buds open, and they flit nervously from cluster to cluster, branch to branch, nibbling at them, and do so right up until the blooms drop to the ground. And then……they are gone for the year. How wonderful to see these photographs, which, I expect, were not easy to get due to how these birds rarely stay in one spot for very long.


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