Remembering Bunnyville


For each of the last several years there has been a place in a field close to home that we dubbed Bunnyville. Home to a family, or perhaps families, of Mountain Cottontail rabbits.


Each spring and summer a new batch of bunnies would appear like clockwork and inhabit the flower filled field and forest edges nearby.


However this year we are Bunnyless! Predation by a cast of characters which include the Ermine, Golden Eagles, Bobcat, Coyote, and Foxes over the previous winter appear to decimated the Rabbit population in our area.


It is a strange thing to experience a summer without out the rabbits although the Penstemon in are garden are relived. Yet a summer without baby bunnies of groups of teenage rabbits frolicking in the fields is a stage thing indeed.


The grasses a growing longer without the natural lawnmowers….


They always put a smile on our face and it is sad to realize the sun may have set on Bunnyville.  There is always hope the rabbits will return after all it only takes a couple.


Wishing you a wonderful weekend and here’s to remembering Bunnyville.

12 thoughts on “Remembering Bunnyville

  1. First, your photos are wonderful! But it’s sad that the bunnies have disappeared. I know the predators need to feed their young too, yet it’s hard to witness sometimes. Let’s hope the bunnies make a comeback.


  2. -N-

    Where I live, the bunnies thrive. We live in an area called the Conejo Valley – Bunny Valley, though more accurately Rabbit Valley. The dogs love bunnies and one of them opens the blinds in the morning to watch them bopping along the lawn and sidewalk – Bunnyvision! And, of course, they are part of the food chain. Coyotes come down from the hills at night, and sometimes murder is evident on the sidewalk.


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