Lazuli Bunting


A Lazuli Bunting happily singing their unique and quite individual song.

“Just like we each have our own voice, each male Lazuli Bunting sings a unique combination of notes. Yearling males generally arrive on the breeding grounds without a song of their own. Shortly after arriving, they create their own song by rearranging syllables and combining song fragments of several males. The song they put together is theirs for life.”1



8 thoughts on “Lazuli Bunting

  1. Utterly fantastic photo, Mike. That very unique shade of blue of the lazuli bunting is in full glow here, and then to capture him singing his heart out is truly special. Interesting note about their individualized song, too. In 30 years of birding, I have only seen this exquisite species once, about 20 years ago. They are so memorable, I remember exactly where I saw him. Thanks for this beauty here today.


    1. Hi Jet and thanks for that thoughtful comment. We seem to have had a few around each of the last couple of summers. Not many but we see them just enough to get a good look. We are glad we could give you a second, although armchair, look and it is always wonderful to have memories triggered like you describe.

      Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

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