ants in the plants


Granted no one wants ants in the pants but ants in the plants is another thing all together.  One a fine summer day the ants were just as abundant as the wildflowers along the trail from the Rocky Mountain Penstemon pictured above to…


the Townsends daisies and Larkspur…


and the Painted Brush.

It’s not so bad to to have ants in the plants.

10 thoughts on “ants in the plants

  1. Kit Dunsmore

    Ants are an important part of the life cycle for many flowers. I know they help peonies and I’ve started seeing them on other plants as well.

    FYI: tiny typo at the beginning of your second sentence… fien instead of fine? and maybe an extra word in there, too.

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    1. HI Kit and thanks again for the editorial assistance. I remember the peonies in our yard when I was a kid always being covered in ants as you describe. I wonder if they pollinate the flowers or just aid in some other way

      Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


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