Just a handful

A Milbert’s Tortoiseshell Butterfly sips sweet nectar on an August afternoon. While many of the butterflies we see are present in great numbers through the summer there are some we only see a handful of and then only for a few weeks at the most. The Milbert’s is one of them.

Another not so frequent observation is the Red Admiral.

The Pink-Edged Sulphur is always one of the most skittish and elusive of butterflies for us to photograph each summer. They seem to have that sixth sense and fly away even before we can get within range.

Another butterfly we only see a handful of each summer is not a butterfly at all but a moth. The Police-car Moth to be exact.

5 thoughts on “Just a handful

  1. Beautiful images …

    Now a days, I am making the best use of the lock down to capture and document different types of butterflies that frequent our garden.

    My wife and kids also enjoy identifying them and it has now become a family activity 🙂

    We found some of the largest moths and butterflies as we are lucky to have our house at a quite place and with rich biodiversity around.

    Could you please let us know, the area, where you photographed these butterflies?

    Thank you so much for sharing 🙂


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