Black-billed Magpies

A Black-billed Magpie rests on a fencepost while over a dozen and perhaps more other Magpies feast on a Mule Deer Carcass nearby. In our neck of the woods Magpies are shy and typically fly off well before we can get a camera pointed on them. This day their attraction to the nearby feast overshadowed thier reluctance of humans and we got to observe them close-up for a significant amount of time.

We seldom see the blue in the eyes of magpies but this day was an excepting.

Seven Black-billed Magpies keep an eye out on a Corvid relative the Common Raven who also had an interest in the nearby Mule Deer carcass. Needless to say, a seven to one advantage kept the meal out of reach for the Raven.

13 thoughts on “Black-billed Magpies

  1. Kit Dunsmore

    I adore magpies and am always happy to see them. It’s amazing how much color they have and how hard it can be to capture.

    FYI: 2 tiny typos. You have excepting when I think you mean exception, and Covid for Corvid (that one made me laugh).


    1. Hi Kit, thanks and we do like magpies very much and they really do have so much color and inflight they are beautiful. I did n to notice the Cover typo. Amazing how auto correct technology moves. Much faster than my brain these days. Have a great weekend.

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