Winter Bunn 2021

After a light snow the prior evening bunny tracks lead to a spot under a small spruce tree that was somewhat protected from the light snow that was now falling and much to ur delight we found her. Winter Bunn 2021 is her name on from what we have observed the lone Rocky Mountain Cottontail in our vicinity. Some winters there are many, some winters there are few and this winter she appears to be the only one.

In the short time between seeing her hop into sight the snow flurries intensified into a snow shower and even under the protection of the spruce the flakes began to accumulated on her fur.

In a matter of minutes her face became covered with snow and she seemed to be taking it quite in stride.

Now that her face was coved with s now she said enough is is enough an hopped away through the snow to the a thick stand of junipers that provided better protection.

7 thoughts on “Winter Bunn 2021

  1. -N-

    I live in the Conejo Valley, appropriately named for all the bunnies in our area. In spring, lots; this fall, I see very few. I guess the weather determines population as sometimes there are more at this time of the year than otthers.

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