Never a dull moment

Once the Yellow-headed Blackbirds have moved back into a little marsh we frequently visit we can count on there never bing a dull moment. Males perched high on last summers cattails singing their beautiful squawky-squueky song with all their heart.

They sit and wait for just the right moment. A moment of silence when all can hear and then let out that wonderful tune.

Some guys sing away with a subtle yet elegant pose while other are a bit more dramatic. This guy below was really belting it out and just caught himself from falling off his perch.

Watching and hearing these guys is a true treat of spring and now that summer is approaching and this years cattails have grown tall, nests built , and eggs have been laid the marsh will defiantly quiet down-and that’s a shame.

Have a great weekend.

Songs of spring


Ahhh…the return of the Yellow Headed Blackbirds and their wonderful squeaky-raucous chorus making a walk around the local wetlands a wonderful springtime ritual.

“With a golden head, a white patch on black wings, and a call that sounds like a rusty farm gate opening, the Yellow-headed Blackbird demands your attention.”

That description from the Cornell Lab of Orinthology pretty much sums up these wonderful birds. Every spring we sit, listen and love to photograph the males belting out their tunes. If you have never heard these guys sing it is a sound you will not soon forget.