Distant Glow

Distant Glow

While it was getting dark and a wee bit chilly at our campsite near the Rasmussen glacier, the sun was still shining brightly on the Karle glacier around the corner casting an orange glow in the distance that warmed my chilly bones. Photographed while kayaking in East Greenland last summer.

65 thoughts on “Distant Glow

    1. Thanks Laura, those orange rocks were really something and present on the shore in many of the places near these glaciers. The orange really was warming in such a cold environment. Hope you have a great weekend and thanks again for the very insightful and constructive feedback.

          1. It would. I would love to be on one of the old time expeditions in which the explorers brought along artists, scientists, writers and others on the adventure.

    1. Thanks, I have to give Greenland the credit for the palette and the sun for the light but I can claim credit for the composition. Hope you have a fun weekend planed. Thanks again for the feedback as it is very appreciated.

  1. This is just perfect. Colors, composition, light, landscape. Greenland and Iceland (and Canada. And Scotland 😀 ) are locations I wanted to visit already for years, but every year there’s something which prevents me from going. I envy you for this experience. 🙂

      1. Thanks, Mike. Those are such great landscapes for taking photos, and the nature must be incredible. I’ve been already as far as Denmark and the light is indeed a special one. But Iceland and Greenland are even more different – and special, I guess. But it – and the company – has to fit when traveling there. So – one day for sure. 🙂

    1. Hi Rudy, Greenland is a magical place and thanks for the link to your photos they sure make me wish I could return this summer. Our kayaking started in the Sermilik Fjord after hiking over the mountains from Tasiilaq. If you search google for kuummiut greenland and follow the fjord to the northeast up into a bigger fjord with a y shape the photo was taken near the right portion of the Y.

      1. Yes, it is magic. When I went in 1998 there were no cruise ships. Today, I think more than 10,000 people come in on those behemoths. In 1998, Coke had only been introduced the year before. Change has come beyond climate change. Found the spot on the map. Never did do any exploring on the east side, and wish I had. Awesome blog. Best. Rudy

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