Marmot_2 Although striking a similar pose to the chillin’ Prairie Dog posted earlier this week, this Red Bellied Marmot was warming in the rays of the sun, which is slowly loosing that heating power, after a early fall snow blankets the high country the previous day.

14 thoughts on “Warming

    1. Indeed he as certainly filled his belly and is ready to wait out the winter. Marmots are amazing in their ability to hibernate through the winter well above tree line in the tundra.

    1. Hi, it is cool how their colors match the environment. I have seen this several times with marmots. Their color changes to match the environment. I have seen these guys in mountains where the rock was very red and so was their fur. Really cool. Hope you have a great weekend.

    1. I think he will make spring. Marmots are unique animal sin their hibernation they basically shut down and use what fat they have to make it through winter.Hope your weekend is going well.

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