Usually Prairie Dogs are busy scurrying about from hole to hole feeding and digging. This guy seemed to just be carefree and chillin’ on his front porch on a late summer afternoon and enjoying the warm sun and expansive prairie view. He does look well fed and ready for the upcoming winter. Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge.

34 thoughts on “Chillin

  1. I’m thinking you put a stuffed prairie dog there and took a picture of it…I have never seen such a well fed contented little ADD animal! Lucky you for capturing this moment!

  2. This is a hysterical capture with those little feet sticking out! All he needs is a little can of Bud to go with that belly. πŸ˜‰ Have you ever seen that video of the voiceovers of animals and the prairie dog (or marmot?) was shouting, “Allen! Allen!” This reminds me of that.

    1. Hi Eliza, being from Colorado I would have to give this guy a can of our finest local cart beer but that’s besides the point. I have not seen the video but will search it out. Have a great day.

  3. I LOVE all your photos !!! Cannot find all the words to comment, they are All Beautiful.. I live in Florida and have been taking nature photos….Really enjoying it…. My Dream is to Travel the world and take photos. we all can dream right !!! Love your view….

    1. Thanks Holly, we also would really like to just be able to travel and see the world both through our won eyes as well as the lens of the camera and yes, we can all dream and even dream the same dream. Take care and have a wonderful day.

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