24 thoughts on “Lift Off

    1. Hi Eliza, flight is certainly an amazing evoltionary adaptation and now that you have made me think the whole vast array and diversity of adaptations is really mind blowing. bacteria that live in acid and 300 degree water, the ability to eat grass and well that big ole’ human brain when it is being used. There are days however that I wish I could fly. 🙂

      1. LIfe and its diversity on this planet is miraculous!
        I cannot watch swallows without wishing to return as one in my next life! To master the air the way they do looks like so much fun.

    1. Thanks and getting this shot was in reality part luck. Both I and the bird were surprised to see each other on this pond and I guess we both just reacted naturally. Hope your day was a good one and wishing you a good tomorrow as well.

      1. You bet! 🙂 Wow.. looks like you have another great photo being posted today! Thanks for letting me share with my small audience. I post stuff I like MOSTLY so that I can look back on it myself! A journal of sorts I guess.

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