A downed tree makes a great place to lookout and survey your territory. We are not sure if this is spruce grouse or a ruffled grouse but it sure is a fine looking grouse and any grouse ID tips you can share would be appreciated. Photographed near, but not quite in, Yellowstone National Park earlier this year.

24 thoughts on “Grouse

    1. Hi Eliza, just lucky to get this one in the right place and time. The grouse were a bit active and it took awhile for one to stand still. The Bokeh is all the lens and it is one I like. Hope your day is going well.

        1. Debra, your welcome and I made a mistake in my reply. In oversight I thought you were commenting on a different post. For the grouse the camera was the same but the lens was an 80-400mm nikon fully zoomed. Cheers.

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