A splash of warm color for a chilly Monday morning. Even though we had mostly hazy skies the last time we visited Utah the color in the rock and soil still shone through.Taken on a morning hike in Bryce Canyon National Park, UT.

42 thoughts on “Bryce

  1. shungphotography

    Great shot! The snow really makes the image extraordinary. I’ve been to Bryce a number of times but never in the wintertime. May be next time!

    1. Hi, and thanks for the feedback as we really appreciate it. Bryce is sure a wonderful sight and with just a touch of snow all the more fun. Hope you get there in the winter/early spring sometime and have a wonderful day.

          1. I am yet to experience snow in my life and hope to get a chance next winter 🙂

            Here in tropics, we have only two seasons, ‘rainy’ and ‘not rainy’, in other words, ‘hot, hotter or hottest days 🙂

          2. I hope you get to experience snow someday. I have yet to travel to India and it is hard to imaging a country with sweltering tropics and 8,000M mountains. Amazing. Although I would be happy to avoid those hottest days you mention. 🙂

  2. Another stunning place I’d like to visit. It’s so totally different from all our landscapes, which are either grass/forest/mountains/rivers or a few beach landscapes at the North Sea.
    It’s time I take a sabbatical and start traveling the world. The reddish color of the hills is… sandstone? Or from iron/hematite?

    1. Hi Suzan, our neighbor state of Utah as the most wonderful and unusual landscapes and for us is always a great place to visit. It is indeed sandstone as is much of the souther part of Utah which was once a giant seabed.


    1. Hi Eliza, Bryce is a unique landscape for certain both from on the canyon rim but better yet down in those strange formations and vibrant colors. Hope your Monday is treating you well.

  3. I was re-visiting an old post (from 2015!) and wondered if you ever knew how much your photographs of the west meant to me back then (and now). By the way, we did finally get to Bryce this year. It was just as amazing as I hoped it would be … I even blew up a photo from a hike there as a 24×36 and it’s hanging on my wall.

    Thank you for your continued inspiration, Mike! (

    1. HI Shannon and thanks for the kind words. I find that one of the wonderful things about blogging and reading other blogs is that we can all inspire each other to see, do and then share adventures big and small and most of all inspire each other along the way.

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