Strutting their stuff

Strutting their stuff

Two male goldeneyes working hard to impress a female in the late afternoon light. These guys will likely only be around here a few more weeks. As spring arrives most of the waterfowl leave my area. Their yearly coming and going gives rhythm to life. Have a great trip north and someday I hope to join you.

46 thoughts on “Strutting their stuff

    1. HI Judith, these guys are fun to watch and will be leaving us soon as things warm-up a bit. Just like you I have yet to observe coot courting behavior but perhaps keener observations is required to decipher it given the males and females look the same. Hope you are having a great Sunday.

    1. Hi Eliza, it is quite a dance for sure. This morning we were out and watched about 5 of these guys all trying to impress 2 females. They were off in the distance so we only got to view through binoculars but it sure was something.

  1. Thank you for the like earlier. This picture made me smile. I’ve also been looking at your kayaking photos you posted from Greenland – they are astonishing, so beautiful. Enjoy the rest of your day!

    1. Hi and thanks for poking around the blog and taking time to leave feedback as we really appreciate it. Greenland is indeed a spectacular place and we really enjoyed the kayak trip we did up there. It really felt like a true wild experience in a ll ways with sea and mountains and most of all open space. Have a great weekend, what remains of it and wishing you a great week ahead.

    1. Hi Jane, it is an impressive display and a wonderful behavior to watch. Yesterday there were about 5 males competing for the attention of two females and it was a sight to behold. Hope your day is gong well.

  2. 5 males competing for the attention of two females? Wow, what a ratio, not bad! I really love those photos, especially as we don’t have those ducks here (I already mentioned it, I know). Their courtship actions are quite spectacular.

      1. Well… uhm… that’s true of course. I saw it from my perspective. 😉 The guys have a hard time, I’d say – but the reward will be even more valuable for them in the end. 🙂

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