Sunrise, Fog and Pines


The morning sun rising above the steam, fog and lodgepole pines on a very cold morning in Yellowstone National Park. Photographed on the fly while heading towards the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone using my phone.

46 thoughts on “Sunrise, Fog and Pines

    1. Thanks Laura, I guess it is always good to know your equipment and for the meta-data stuff I never knew it was going out with the photos. Might have to learn how to remove it I guess.

      Have a great evening.

          1. Awesome! I was going to try and explain it but then I figured by the time we figured out what you used and me explaining it, you would’ve googled it already. lol

  1. Those subtle tones and shades are wonderful. Though I know how freezing cold it is with fog in winter (and I really have enough of it now), it has a beauty for me most of the bright photos of sunny beaches (like from the Maldive Islands) cannot compete with.

      1. Heartafire

        I have not been able to master the moving photograph, still working on that. splendid day here, though it is cold , in the high 30’s, for us that is quite chilly, I should not complain…have a beautiful day.

        1. Sometimes luck is on your side as was the case this day. Hope you have a great weekend and it warms up for you. We should have a nice snowy weekend here and I hope to get out and enjoy it.

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