Towards the La Sals


Looking out from Needles area in Canyonlands National Park towards the the La Sal mountains on a somewhat grey and monotone day. It is amazing the colors that still come through even when the sky’s not blue. Utah, USA.

34 thoughts on “Towards the La Sals

  1. Beautiful photo of a wondrous area! I, too, have noticed that indirect or subdued light often brings out nuance and richness better than bright, direct light. And I know there’s a life metaphor in there somewhere. 🙂


    1. Hi cate, perhaps we should just look at the subtle light as different light in that some things can be seen in the subtle light that are not present on a nice sunny day. It begs a little experiment in which I now need to go back on that sunny day to the same spot and take the same photo. Always looking for an excuse for a little trip to Utah. 🙂


    1. Hi Eliza, you nailed it here. I really found the different layers of the landscape with the spires, plateau in the middle and La Sals in the distance to have contrast in shapes, colors and texture as you noted. Canyonlands is such a fun spot to explore. Need to get back soon. Hope your day is a great one.

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    1. Good morning and thanks. The rock and landscape out in the Canyonlands area of Utah is quite an amazing sight. Not a plethora of birds or wildlife but given those colors the rocks sure must be alive. 🙂

      Hope your weekend is a great one and spring is on the way.


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