Snowy Saturday Ski


Peeking out from the trail for a view along the Slate River last Saturday morning. The snow was flying and the snow pillows built up on the spruce tress were releasing with the slightest breeze. This made for several close calls along the way but luck was on our side and we did not get dumped on that morning. Photographed with my phone near Crested Butte, CO.

24 thoughts on “Snowy Saturday Ski

    1. Hi Jim, well we got a good 2 week run of winter but that looks to ending as we elect the same weather as you for the next few weeks. Winter was way to sparse and short this year.

  1. *swoon* Wish I could be there. I already mentioned it, I’m really envious of the opportunity you have to just go out with your crosscountry ski. Just an open, wide landscape and no one around. I love how this pic gives the immediate impression of WINTER. And snow crystals in your face. πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Suzan, well we did have to drive a bit to get to the snow and trails. More of a weekend getaway type adventure. It was a wonderful snowy day and those trees did come close t dumping their snow pillows on us several times. Hope you had a good weekend and around here it feel like winter is coming to an end. The snow is melting fast. 😦

      1. Sounds great (the weekend getaway) and… yes, I know the feeling. Though even I welcome spring by now (or at least: more sun), the snow is gone here as well and temperatures are already going up. But you never know, here it’s possible to snow in March as well, so we’ll see. Oh, and… you could put some of the snow into the freezer… πŸ˜‰

          1. You might laugh now, I actually started planning my “annual leave” today, for a week Iceland (and maybe a few days in Oslo) in May. Hopefully I manage and everything works out. πŸ™‚

          2. Sounds like a good plan and having a trip booked does seem to have the effect of a carrot dangling out there for a bit of hope and life without a trip plan is more of the stick approach.

    1. Well, I remember city snow all grey and dirty. Hope spring is on the way for you as it has been a long winter is the east. Not so bad here in CO this year and A little more of the white fluffy stuff would be fine with me. Take care and hop your week is filled with fun.

    1. Hi LB, and that snow was falling often from the trees making for a precarious journey through the forests. Luckily we lucked out and only got a dusting of falling snow here and there. Hope your weekend was fine.

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