Almost But Not Quite

Almost But Not Quite

Almost but not quite. Red Winged Blackbirds are back in town but the shoulder badges on the males are not quite a vibrant red and the sky is still a bit grey and wintery this day. Almost, but not quite, spring is indeed in the air. I can hear this blackbird singing.

46 thoughts on “Almost But Not Quite

    1. It is amazing how nature is the real calendar. The coming and going of birds their colors and behaviors represent a reality beyond the days we list on a piece of paper. Glad to hear spring is on it’s way in your neck of he woods as well. Take care and all the best.


    1. Yes spring is in the air for sure. I also heard my first Robin sining away this morning and flickers pecking on metal chimney tops. I guess it is official in a week or so but today seems like the day.


  1. Bulbs are coming up, which is a bit distressing . . . we still need some good snows; 25% below normal (we have not hit normal for a number of years), so tell this guy to come back in a month or so.


  2. “Chirreee!” Blackbirds are my true harbinger of spring and I haven’t heard any so far. Last year was March 8, so I expect them any day. Thanks for the reminder that spring is on the way!


    1. HI, The composition was intended as I spent a bit of time watching this guy sining from the branches on this tree. I like the branch almost as much as the bird. Hope you are having a great day and thanks for the feedback as it is much appreciated.


  3. Beautiful image and words. I didn’t know about the blackbird and it’s ‘timing’ with Spring. I will keep my eyes open looking for these in Germany now! 🙂 Thank you for sharing! And yes, a Happy Spring to you!


    1. Thanks for stopping in here as well and checking out the photos. I checked out your a couple of your sculptures and really liked “Tunda”. Are you familiar with the sculpture of Jon Bedford. I have seen some of his works at the Shidoni Sculpture garden in Santa Fe and enjoyed them as I did your Musk-ox both out of metal. Very nice work.


      1. Thanks for your kind words. I like Tundra as well, he is pretty special. And I can see why you see a connection between my work and Jon Bedford. He captures a movement and feeling of the animal.Thanks for checking out my website!


          1. My blog was inspired by a quote about the French, how they live art in everything they do, eating, working, living…and I think Americans definitely need to learn that more. I try to live it daily but sometimes I miss.


          2. That idea really brings home the point about when we view what we do as art, a creation we cherish, it is done well. Easier said than done, as you say, but worth saying nonetheless. Take care and best wishes. Mike


    1. Thanks, I like these guys as well. Always colorful and always belting out a fine tune. Can’t wait for full breeding colors to show on those wing bars. Wishing you a great weekend.


  4. Your image captures the call stance perfectly, Mike. Chir-eeee! Still waiting for my first sighting, a bit late this year due to the unusually cold weather here in the east, but any day now…!


    1. Hi Eliza, these guys are just starting to come back here in small numbers. This weeks weather is forecast to be extra warm so we may have an early season. Hope spring finds you guys soon enough but as funny as it sounds it is those long winters we remember no the short ones. Have a great week.

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