30 thoughts on “Room to Roam

  1. I actually can’t remember when last I had room to roam and a place where things just happen. Or ever. Or maybe I had one day but didn’t realize it. Wonderful words and picture. 🙂

    1. Thanks, that room to roam is elusive and even more elusive when we get drug into the game of career and just living. Hope you do find a bit of that room. Maybe on your trip to Iceland?

      1. I hope to find it at least there, yes. At least for a few days. I already started planning, but I guess I might stay at a hostel (even if I’m practically to old for it and won’t stay at a dorm but maybe in a single room), as hotels are really expensive. But didn’t book yet, some other incidents kept me from it so far. So – keeping fingers crossed it will work out this year. 🙂
        (And after the current news from the plane crash in the french alps on a flight from Spain to Duesseldorf where 150 people died because the copilot deliberately let the plane collide with the mountains, I’m even less keen on flying than ever before).

        Concerning being dragged into the game of career and life – so true. I often wonder how we even find a few quiet moments still in all this hustle, day after day trying to keep up with the pace and getting everything done which is *urgent*! 😉

        Hope you can keep your thoughts and attitude as they are while your life proceeds, they are sure rare ones in this world of today. 🙂

        1. Yes, the world is getting a bit crazier and less stable as we get more and more folk walking around on the planet. That combined with the fact that we have to hear about all the craziness in every form of media really alters our perception of what the world is like.

          Hope you do find your way to some quite places when your time permits or better yet when you make time to do it.

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