21 thoughts on “Wilsons Snipe

    1. THanks Eliza, we only see these guys during migration if we are lucky and this time we got lucky and she even let us get fairly close which is a rarity for us. Hope your day is going well.

    1. Hi Melissa, we rarely get a good look at these guys as well so it was exciting to see this one and have them hang around in plain sight for a couple of minutes while we were able to get a photo. Getting a photo is great as I think their plumage is really cool and it is nice to be able to study it. Hope your day is going great.

    1. Thanks, we were lucky to spot this one as they are somewhat uncommon around our neck of the woods and just tickled that they were in good light and a beautiful landscape. Hope your day is going well.

    1. Thanks, I am always grateful when we get to see a bird that is uncommon in our parts and to have them pose so wonderfully is just icing on the cake. Thanks and all the best.

  1. Snipe are usually difficult to photograph, they’re shy and they like the tall grass which can obliterate them entirely. So this photo is really excellent, Mike.

    1. Thanks Jet, indeed we usually don’t get great photos when we see these guys as as you said are shy and tend to hide ASAP. Having this one sitting in the open and enjoying the afternoon sun was quite a treat. Thanks again and we wish yo all the best.

    1. Thanks and we just got lucky this day as this guy seemed to be hanging out in the greener and shorter grasses in this little flooded area. We usually see them in much browner grass with does indeed make for a tough photograph. Hope you are doing well and your week is gong nicely.

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