Or Landscape within a Landscape within a Landscape. How do you photograph the landscape within the landscape? Nature is a repeating fractal pattern ever present but for me a difficult subject to photograph. Not macro or micro photography but capturing what is small yet large and large yet small. This is one attempt.

12 thoughts on “Landscape

  1. I LOVE this! If not for the presence of the larger herbs, you could be flying over a boreal forest. Sometimes when I look at lichen and moss covered boulders I get that same perspective, like I’m flying over the Huangshan in China. I also love your awareness of fractals, the basis of our universal connectedness! Your taking on the challenge to capture that is admirable. 🙂

    1. Eliza, thanks for the thoughts. I also feel the same way looking at a patch of moss or lichen like the whole universe is there in a very small but yet infinite way. I have found it hard to photograph without it becoming a macro photo of just detail. I will keep trying and thanks again for you feedback.

  2. The image is great and after reading comments, had to go back and look again. Your attempt to capture the “big picture” in a small way is excellent

    1. One of my strange obsessions is seeing those fractal elements in all of life. The repeating patterns the just get smaller and smaller like they are ever retreating from the human eye as to not be see.

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